President Biden is being ripped for calling the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

“January 6 was worse than 9/11? Or Pearl Harbor?” prominent journalist Glenn Greenwald asked of the president’s claim to Congress Wednesday night used as apparent proof that he was leading the US out of crisis.

“Or the Oklahoma City bombing? Or the dismantling of civil liberties in the name of the Cold War and War on Terror?

“Or the mass surveillance program secretly and illegally implemented by NSA aimed at US citizens?” continued Greenwald, referring to the Edward Snowden expose of government documents he first reported.

“How about the War on Drugs, mass incarceration and Jim Crow? Were those worse ‘attacks on democracy’ than the 3-hour Capitol riot on Jan. 6? The assassination of JFK? The interference in domestic politics by the CIA? The list of worse attacks than Jan. 6 is endless,” he wrote.

Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as people try to storm the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC.Brent Stirton/Getty Images

As others defended the president’s claims — insisting the list of atrocities cited by Greenwald were not direct attacks on democracy — the outspoken journalist insisted Biden’s claim was a “completely unhinged drama queen script” response to Jan. 6.

Conservative author Dinesh D’Souza said he was surprised that the “room did not break into uncontrolled laughter at this ridiculous claim.”

Former President Trump adviser Steve Cortes went further, calling it a “dangerous and monstrous lie.”

Some criticized President Biden for implying that the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 was more threatening to democracy than 9/11.Robert Giroux/Getty Images

“So…Pearl Harbor, presidential assassinations, 9-11…all less threatening to our democracy than a bunch of unarmed fur hat hooligans?” he asked.

“The Capitol riot was very bad. Let’s get serious about American history tho,” wrote Jerry Dunleavy of the conservative Washington Examiner.

He insisted that “9/11 was an attack on our democracy” because “Flight 93 was headed for the U.S. Capitol, and if not for the brave actions of those on board, it’s very possible the building would’ve been a smoking crater.”

The American destroyer USS Shaw explodes during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, home of the American Pacific Fleet during World War II.Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

“The terrorist attacks of 9/11 also successfully targeted the Pentagon — a prominent global symbol of our democracy’s military might,” he added.

“President John F. Kennedy was also literally assassinated,” he stressed, while noting other plots including how “Reagan was shot & almost died.”

“The Oklahoma City bombing was a domestic terrorist attack willfully targeting a federal government building, and it killed 168 people.

The north side of the Albert P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City shows the damage it sustained after a bombing in 1995.Bob Daemmrich/AFP via Getty Images

“The Weather Underground bombed the Capitol in 1971 … The May 19th Communist Organization bombed the Capitol in 1983,” he added, with others making similar lists.

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